About the film



Schoolteacher Amy Parker’s world is turned upside down, when she finds herself embroiled in a child trafficking ring, after an old University friend asks her on a date.


Junior school teacher Amy Parker, gets invited on a date by an old University friend, Yarik Meer. Even though Yarik has genuine feelings for Amy, he is forced into involving her with a problematic child in his Uncle's child trafficking network. 

As soon as Amy arrives at Marek’s premises, Yarik is dismissed and no longer involved. Amy is furious with Yarik, but soon realises she has no option but to help Marek. 

Amy meets the 11yr old girl and promises that she’ll find a way of escaping, telling her she must not break her silence in order to save her own life! But the girl finds she has no choice, when she tries to stop Marek hurting Amy. Marek, of course thrilled that the child can actually talk, leaves to contact his buyers. 

Yarik, realising he has made a huge mistake and riddled with guilt, returns to help them escape. But whilst Yarik makes a scheduled stop in the van, there is shouting and a gun shot! Marek and Yanis (Yarik’s Step-Brother) catch up with them. We assume Yarik has been killed. Marek and Yanis find Amy and the child (Bethany) hiding in the back of the van as another car arrives… Marek tells Amy it’s his “acquaintances“ for the girl. But to Amy's horror, her parents exit the car! Amy is panic stricken, knowing it’s a trick and that Marek has threatened to kill them, she pleads with them to leave, only to be met with the worst news of her entire life... that her Mum and Dad are actually part of this horrendous child trafficking ring! Amy’s world is shattered! Marek stops the “family reunion” by asking for the $400,000, which is handed over. Yarik, (injured) gets himself to the rear of the van and shoots Yanis in the head. Marek pleads with him, but Yarik kills him too! He then turns the gun on Amy’s parents and asks “What shall we do with these two?” Amy disgusted by her parents way of life, their lies, their betrayal and vowing that they will never be able to hurt another child again, takes the gun and shoots them both.

Amy, along with Bethany and Yarik, take the briefcase full of cash and walk away to a better life.